After clicking the Create button, administrators will see a template selection screen. There are 3 drop-down lists on the screen:

  • Template Type
  • Template
  • Purpose

The options in each drop-down list will vary by Level of Service (see below).

Administrator view of Create tab, template selection screen

Template Type (First Dropdown)

All Levels of Service

  • InfoReady Templates - Choose from default InfoReady templates that are included in your license
  • My Templates - Choose from templates you have created and saved in the past
  • Shared Templates - Choose from templates that another administrator has shared with you 

Bronze and Silver

  • Sitewide Templates - Choose from any template created previously in your site

Custom Option

  • Insights Templates - Choose from one of the templates that has been shared with you as an Insights Template
  • Note: This is a custom feature and not part of the standard Gold or Platinum Level of Service.

Template (Second Dropdown)

  • If you select My, Shared, or Insights templates, this section will display only those templates of that type.
  • If you select InfoReady Templates, you will be able to choose from the list of default templates created by InfoReady:

All Levels of Service

  • Funding - Standard template that includes fields often necessary for internal funding and limited submission competitions.
  • Note for Silver and Bronze: This was known as the Standard template prior to May 2020.


  • General - Fewer default fields than the Funding template. The language is more generic and the title field label can be edited.
  • Bulletin Board - For posting opportunities that do not require the submission of an application. An Apply button can be displayed (optional) and linked to an external URL.
  • Multitrack (Funding and General) - Have all the components of a regular opportunity, with the added functionality of being able to send applications down a certain "track", based on an initial gating question. 

Purpose (Third Dropdown)

  • After selecting your template, the system asks for the purpose in the last drop-down field. 
  • This question is solely used for InfoReady’s internal research—so we can learn what types of additional templates might be useful in the future. 
  • Though required, this option will not affect the configuration.

Saving Selections as Default

  • After choosing an option in each of the drop-down fields, click the toggle to "on" to save those selections. 
  • Whenever you click Create in the future, the selections will appear.

Save selections as default toggled to "on" (green).

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