In your application form, scroll to the Reference Letter section and follow the instructions shown below:

1. Enter email addresses for your letter writers. (Fields marked with an asterisk are required, others are optional.)

2. You can edit the text of the email your letter writers will receive, or just leave it in the default format.

3. Check the box next to "Would you like to have an e-mail notification letting you know when Reference Letter(s) have been completed?" if you want that notification.

4. Choose if/when you want to send a reminder to your letter writers. Click the Add Additional Reminders button to add more.

5. Click the Submit Application button to have the requests sent to your letter writer(s) immediately along with your application.

1. Three reference writer email address fields. 2. Email body. 3. Check box next to statement. 4. Set Reminder for Letter Writers dropdown with Add Additional Reminders button below.

5. Submit Application button in lower right corner.

6. OR, you can save your application as a draft and send the letter requests before you submit your application. This will let your letter writers start working on and submitting your letters, even before your application is submitted.

Note: Make sure to return to your application draft to submit before the deadline! You can access your saved draft application at any time from the Applications tab.

6. Save as Draft button outlined in red.

Reference letters section. Send Letter Request button listed next to each email address.

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