Below are the steps to convert an LOI to an opportunity. 

Note: If you would like to award directly from an LOI, see this article instead.

1. From the Manage view, click the Edit button on the right side.

Administrator's Manage view. Edit button outlined in red on the right.

2. Click the Finalize button.

Finalize button in right sidebar highlighted by red outlined box.

3. Under Options dropdown, select Convert to Regular Opportunity.

Dropdown selector clicked with two options: Convert to Regular Competition or Award Directly from Letter of Intent. Convert to regular competition is highlighted as selected.

4. The pop-up window explains what will happen next. Click Yes, Convert to proceed. You'll be able to cancel the process later if needed.

Pop-up window explaining LOI conversion process

5. The conversion steps will show on the right sidebar. Scroll down to view the list of all applications. 

  • Select the applications you want to advance to the converted opportunity. (An application can have any status to advance).
  • Click Submit.

1. Check boxes next to selected applications. 2. Advance Selected Applications dropdown selected with Submit button.

6. Advance Message

  • Cc/Bcc other email addresses (if needed).
  • Edit the subject line and/or body of the email message (if needed), then click Next.
  • The curly brace { } fields will pull in information from the LOI, application title, and converted opportunity.
  • Only {competition title}, {application title}, and {launch sentence} can be used
  • Advancing applicants will not be notified until you launch the converted opportunity (see Step 9 below).

Advance Message blue button selected in right sidebar. Email message composition box below, with areas to edit Subject and body of Email Message.

7. Reject Message 

  • Choose to send a notification to rejected applicants or not.
  • Cc/Bcc others (optional).
  • Add an attachment (optional). The file should be less than 10MB.
  • Check or un-check the box to include reviews with each rejection email. This is an "all or none" function, i.e., all feedback from all reviewers in all routing steps will be shared if the box is checked.
  • Edit the subject line and body as needed, then click Next.

Note: Rejected applicants (those not advancing) will be notified immediately after finalizing the conversion (see Step 8 below).

Reject Message blue button highlighted in right sidebar. Send notification with "Yes" and "No" radio buttons (Yes is selected). A checkbox labeled "Include Reviews with each Rejected email" is checked. The Next button is highlighted by a red outlined box at the bottom.

8. Finalize Conversion - On the last page, review who you've chosen to advance in the top section. The summary email in the box below will be sent to administrators and anyone else you'd like to copy. 

  • If you realize you made a mistake in the process, click Cancel Conversion to return to the LOI. 
  • Click Finalize Conversion to complete the process and be taken directly to the draft of the converted opportunity.

2 sample applications are highlighted by red outlined box: Another test by Mary Smith and An application by Tess McTesting. The Finalize Conversion button is highlighted at bottom. Cancel Conversion button appears at bottom of right sidebar.

9. Once in the converted opportunity, read through the options on the Details page. 

  • By default, the opportunity will have the same title as the LOI with "(Converted)" at the end. 
  • You can edit other sections (Requirements, Routing Steps, etc.), save it as a draft to work on later, or launch by skipping to Finalize.
  • This includes choosing if only advancing applicants can apply to the full competition, or if you want to allow new applications (that didn't submit to the original LOI).
  • The advancing applicants will only be notified once the opportunity is launched.

Details page of draft converted LOI

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