If your opportunity is supposed to have a Letter of Intent (i.e., a two-phase competition), make sure you have set it up that way. 

Note: Letters of Intent are only available by first selecting the Funding template.

The Letter of Intent (LOI) functionality in the system allows for a two-phase application process. Applicants submit initial proposals that are viewed by administrators and/or reviewers. Administrators then choose one or more applications to advance to a full competition, where full proposals are collected and sent through an additional review process (if necessary).

The easiest way to check is to open the draft and look at the Details page. Next to the question: "Is this a Letter of Intent?" the "Yes" radio button should be selected as shown in the screenshot below. 

Administrator view of Details page. "Is this a Letter of Intent?" Yes radio button selected, with No radio button next to it (not selected).

Does your institution call "letter of intent" something else? We can customize this language for your site. For more information, read this article: Customize Letter of Intent Language

For more information on creating and managing LOIs, watch these two videos:

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