Single Sign-On is available for our Silver, Gold, and Platinum Levels of Service. This feature allows users to sign in directly to your InfoReady site using their institutional credentials. 

Download the attached file to view requirements for setting up Single Sign-On (SSO) with your InfoReady site. This document will be most helpful for the person within your Information Technology department that is handling the integration. 

Administrators should work closely with their IT department during this process to determine which information is sent to your InfoReady site. If your institution uses multiple email aliases, it will be best to send a uniform domain with consistent email address syntax for all users so that administrators can be easily educated on which email address to use when working within the system. If your “NetID” corresponds to an email address, then that may be best.

For example, if a review assignment is made using one email address, but the SSO information is tied to a different email address, the reviewer will not be able to see assigned reviews until they are re-assigned to the correct (SSO) email address.

Once SSO integration is complete, review the standard language on your site, and contact with any adjustments you'd like to make.

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