All administrators have access to share any opportunity posted on the platform. The process will vary slightly based on if the administrator has access to manage the opportunity or not.

Administrator Owns Opportunity or is Co-Administrator 

From the Manage tab, click the Share button on the right hand side to display different options:

  • A direct link is listed under Copy Link. Click the Copy button to copy to your clipboard, then paste as needed. 
  • Use this to include on external websites, email newsletters, or social media.

1. Manage tab outlined in red. 2. Blue Share button outlined in red.

  • Send the announcement via email by adding individuals or listservs. Customize the text for different audiences and send multiple times for maximum visibility. 
  • You can also send the message to yourself and then forward as needed from your inbox.

Administrator Does Not Own or Manage Opportunity

Once logged in, any administrator will see the Share button on the local navigation menu to the right. The options and functionality shown above are the same.

Regular administrator view of a competition. Share button is outlined in red on right side.

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