Microsites allow institutions to create distinct landing pages for units or groups of programs within the InfoReady platform. Administrators can tailor content on microsites to specific audiences, post opportunities directly to the microsite, and even limit permissions for other administrators to only operate within a microsite. With microsites, institutions can maintain a centralized online presence for opportunities and other opportunities, while also catering to unique audiences and units.

The Gold Level of Service comes with 3 microsites (main homepage plus 3 microsites), but additional microsites can be purchased as needed. Users navigate among microsites from the main homepage or can use a direct URL to go to the microsite homepage.

Institutions have used microsites to organize themselves by campus (if there are multiple campuses), unit (e.g. colleges and administrative units), or functional need (e.g. seed grants, limited submissions, etc.). Below are some examples of how microsites can be named.

All Opportunities on this Site dropdown with 5 additional sections listed below: Foundation Relations, Graduate School, Office of Vice President for Research, Seed Grants, Undergraduate Education

Home dropdown with 3 additional sections listed below: Faculty & Staff Marketplace, Limited Submissions, Student Marketplace

University dropdown with 4 additional sections listed below: Corporate & Foundation Relations, EDR, OVPR, Cancer Center

Home dropdown with 6 additional sections listed below: College of Arts & Sciences, Development Office, Office of Research, Outreach, Provost's Office, Center for Learning and Teaching

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