All administrators have access to this tab. Click Create to begin creating a template or specific opportunity. 

You will be taken to the template selection screen (see below). Select the appropriate template type, template, and purpose to begin the creation process. 

Administrator view of Create tab, which shows the template selection screen.

Tip: Not sure which template to choose? Check out this article: What InfoReady template should I use?

If you have not created or had a template shared with you, select from one of the default InfoReady templates:

All Levels of Service

  • Funding - Standard template that includes fields often necessary for internal funding and limited submission opportunities.

Gold and Platinum Levels of Service

  • General - Fewer default fields than the Funding template. The language is more generic and the title field label can be edited. This is the best template to use for non-funding use cases.
  • Multitrack - Added functionality of sending submissions down a certain track, based on an initial gating question
  • Bulletin Board - For posting opportunities that do not require the submission of an application. An Apply button can be displayed (optional) and linked to an external URL.

You can save your template selections as default by clicking the toggle to "on." That way, those selections will show automatically every time you click Create.

Have more questions about this topic? Go to the Community Forum to pose the question to other users or submit a support ticket to InfoReady.