The Progress Reports tab displays for all users, but will only show an individual's awarded applications. All Progress reports are listed in the chart. The search, sort and filtering options allow the awardee to organize their Progress Reports as desired. They can click the Report Title to access the Progress Report, along with details about the opportunity and the submitted application.

Report Statuses

  • Not Applicable - Report was initially assigned but then skipped by an administrator
  • Not Yet Assigned - Report exists but has not yet been assigned to the awardee.
  • Not Started - Report has been opened by awardee, but no information has been saved in it.
  • In Progress - Report has been started but has a due date more than a month away.
  • Due Soon - Report deadline is less than a month away
  • Submitted - Report has been submitted

Applicant or awardee view of the Progress Reports tab


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