At the end of the Total Application Scores by Reviewer report, there will be 4 columns:

Grand total - Total score for an application across all rating scales and reviewers (So, if one application was reviewed by 3 reviewers, and another only by 1, the one reviewed by 3 would likely be higher simply because there were more reviews submitted for it).

Average reviewer total - Across all reviewers, the average total score for the application (So, if Reviewer #1's total was 10 across all rating scales, and Reviewer #2's was 20, the average reviewer total would be 15).

Average criteria rating - Average rating for a criterion across all scales for the application. So, if you used a 2 Comments and Ratings step, the reviews could look like:
  • Reviewer #1 gives a 2 for criterion 1 and 4 for criterion 2
  • Reviewer #2 gives a 3 for criterion 1 and 5 for criterion 2
  • Average criteria rating = (2+4+3+5)/4 = 3.5

Standard deviation - The difference in the average criteria ratings from each other for a given application. If this number is big, it means there was a large difference in the way the reviewers scored the application (some high, some low). If it's small, all reviewers rated the application relatively the same.

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