Below are several resources to help you spread the word about InfoReady throughout your organization and to different audiences.

Use Multiple Methods

  • Vanity URL - Customize your InfoReady site URL to match your institution's domain
  • In-person - New faculty/staff orientation, faculty senate meetings, ad hoc presentations
  • Email signature - Include link to your site and a short description to automatically share with each message you send.
  • E-newsletters - Highlight in notifications sent to different listservs.
  • Link on other websites - Replace links on any existing sites or ask your IT team to set up a re-direct to InfoReady.
  • Social media - Share on any platforms your audience visits.
  • Swag - Pens, mugs, notepads, or any other items used often

Explaining InfoReady to Different Audiences

  • Applicants (usually faculty, but could also be students and staff)
    • Simple to access and apply from a central location
    • Visibility and transparency of processes
  • Reviewers (usually faculty or staff, internal or external)
    • Consistent interface with customizable forms
    • Can see historical record of review feedback
  • Administrators
    • Time saved by consolidating and automating processes
    • Exporting data from a single location
  • Senior leadership
    • Resources (staff and financial) saved
    • Ability to promote and administer opportunities with align strategic plan
    • Functionality to manage multiple types of use cases

Sample Announcements to Introduce InfoReady

Case Studies from Existing Clients

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