Release 3.47 of InfoReady was deployed in the early morning hours of Monday, April 11, 2022.  

We love to hear from administrators about the many ways InfoReady powers their work and are always looking for opportunities to make that work easier. At times certain default terminology used throughout the platform may not be the best fit for how you describe things at your institution. Clients have become familiar with InfoReady default terminology, such as “competitions,” “awards,” and “progress reports”. With this release, much of the default terminology may be customized to better meet your needs.  

Features and Enhancements 

We are defining the customization of terms as “contextualization”. Some of the terms that can be customized are listed below. All customizations are made at the sitewide-level, not per individual competition or microsite. When the terminology is customized, the related grammar (e.g. appropriate articles or tenses) will also be adjusted throughout the platform. Starred items below, if customized, will also change the language in the Global navigation bar: 

  • Accept 
  • Applicant 
  • Applications* 
  • Apply 
  • Award 
  • Awardee 
  • Co-Applicant 
  • Competition* 
  • Letter of Intent 
  • Progress Reports* 
  • Reference Letter* 
  • Reject 
  • Return 
  • Review* 
  • Reviewer 

For a complete list of terms that can be customized and suggestions for changes to defaults, view our Customizing Sitewide Terms Guide. Any terminology changes must be requested by a main (Super or Global) Administrator. When you are ready, contact your account manager or the InfoReady Support Team at They will send you a direct link to a form to fill out your choices.  

Updated Support Material 

Make sure to visit the Support Portal for updated content, including: 

Bug Fixes 

As always, we addressed various bug fixes to maximize your InfoReady experience. The InfoReady Support Team will reach out directly to any clients who may have encountered a particular bug fixed with this release. 

Product Questions, Comments, or Feedback? 

We’d love to hear from you! Reach out to us at From sales to support to product development, our team discusses your feedback regularly as we shape new features and enhancements.