During your onboarding process, we will work with you to construct your initial hierarchy. 

Questions to Ask Internally During Set Up Process

What level names make the most sense for your institution? 

  • The hierarchy can only have a maximum of 3 levels. 
  • Some common examples are: 
    • 2-level: College and Department
    • 3-level: Campus (i.e., location), School, Department 

Will you ever be allowing external applicants? 

  • If so, you may want to include a Level 1 entry called External Applicant or Non-University User.

How will applicants easily find their organization? 

  • There is a Search function, but parent levels (those that have other levels under them) will appear as carat drop-down fields as well (see images below).

Do the terms Primary Organization and Secondary Organization make sense for your institution? 

  • If not, contact support@inforeadycorp.com, and we can re-name them to whatever fits your needs (e.g., Department for Primary and Other Affiliation for Secondary).

Applicant View of Organization List

Examples of 2-Level and 3-Level Organization Hierarchies

2-level org list example. 1. College of Arts & Sciences, 2. English, 2. Literature, 2. Psychology, 2. Sociology, 1. College of Business Administration. We can disable check boxes for parent levels, forcing applicants to select the lowest level (shown here).

3-level org list example. 1. Academic Areas. 2. College of Arts & Science, 3. Anthropology, 3. Economics, 3. Psychology. 2. College of Engineering. 2. Dean's Office (This entry doesn't have any levels under it). We can disable the check boxes for parent levels, forcing applicants to select the lowest level (if needed).

Once the initial upload is verified, you can make edits at any time under the Admin tab > Configure Platform section. View full instructions in this article: Adding Entries to Participating Organizations

Have more questions about this topic? Go to the Community Forum to pose the question to other users or submit a support ticket to InfoReady.