The fifth step in creating is setting up post-award reports, called Progress Reports in the system. 

  • Administrators can create and edit these reports at any time. 
  • An application must be designated as Awarded in the system before a progress report can be assigned
  • After assigning, administrators can set reminders to encourage report completion.
  • Awardees can navigate to the Progress Report(s) from a link in the notification they receive, the Applications tab, or the Progress Reports tab in the system.  
  • Administrators and Co-Administrators will receive a notification automatically when a progress report has been submitted.

Administrator View of Default Progress Report

  • Uncheck the checkbox to enable at any time.
  • The default progress report has several fields, but administrators can choose to exclude them, add fields, and/or add file uploads to the report. 
  • They can also add additional reports for future time increments, such as 6-months, 1-year, 5-year, and so on.

Administrator View of Default Progress Report

Administrator View of Multiple Progress Reports

  • Expand any report using the > to view configuration options and add sections, fields, and file uploads.
  • If needed, drag and drop to re-order or use the trash can to delete.
  • Return to this area at any time to make edits.

Administrator view of 3 collapsed progress reports.

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