All administrators have access to this tab, which is divided into several sections (described below):

1. Manage: Competitions | Letters of Intent (LOI). 2. Search Database with search field below. 3. Table with open competitions (Columns of Title, Due Date, # of Apps, Category). 4. Table of archived competitions (Columns of Title, Date Archived, Category). 5. Right column: Drafts. 6. Right column: Your Templates below. 7. Right column: Share Templates below.

Center of Page 

1. Admins should first select the type:

2. Search Bar - By default, only those competitions the admin owns or is a co-administrator show. However, Super and Global Administrators can use this area to find all competitions on the site. 

     Tip: Leave this blank and click Search to see all open competitions on the site you have access to.

After selecting the appropriate type, opportunities are listed in two status tables:

3. Open - Any competition that is not archived. This includes those where the internal submission deadline has passed (i.e., the application is closed).

    Tip: Right click a competition title to open it in a new tab. 

4. Archived - Locked and in read-only access

Right Sidebar - Only shows items you own

5. Drafts - Any competition draft not launched 

6. Your Templates - Any previously saved templates

7. Shared Templates - Templates that have been shared with you by another administrator

For more information on the differences among templates, drafts, and competitions, view this article.

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