All administrators have access to this tab, but the type of information they can extract will vary based on their role:

  • (Regular) Admins - Can report on competitions they have created or been added as a Co-Administrator
  • Super Admins
    • No microsites - Can report on all competitions in site
    • Microsites - Can report on all competitions in assigned microsite
  • Global Admins (microsites only) - Can report on all competitions across all microsites

The Reports tab has different sections (described below): 

1. Reports: Competitions | Applications. 2. List of filters: Show, Filter by Date Archived, Filter by Administrator, Search, Filter by Category, Filter by Discipline/Subject Area. 3. Refine Results button. 4. Download Report link with Excel icon next to it. 5. Table of competitions with columns: Competition Title, Category, Award Cycle, Funding Available, No. of Potential Awardees, Launch Date, Internal Submission Deadline, Funding Org Deadline, Date Archived, # of Apps

1. Report type - First select Competitions or Applications.

2. Filters - Use the available filters to narrow results.

  • Note: Using the Search box will only search among columns in the table. However, more competition data will be available in the export, including the description.

3. Refine Results - Click this button to display the competitions or applications based on the selected filter(s). This will determine what data appears in the Excel file (4).

4. Download Report - Click to download the refined results in Excel format. If you need to change the data in the report, select different filters (2) and click Refine Results (3) again.

5. Table - Search sort or filter within the table if needed. This will not affect the data exported in Excel format (always determined by upper filters and Refine Results button). Click the competition title to go directly to the Details page of that competition. 

Want a more detailed walkthrough of this area? Watch the Generating Reports from the Reports Tab Video

For more information on strategies and approaches to data management, download the Administrator Guide to Reports and Data Exports.

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