Any user who has started or submitted an application will have an Applications tab when they log in

Applicant view. Applications tab outlined in red box. A. Search box. B. Application title. C. Trash can icon in far right column. D. Page icon in far right column.

A. Table - Search, sort, or filter the table as needed to find a draft or completed application. View this article for a list of all possible application statuses.

B. Applications - Click an application title to view it. Drafts may have "Name not specified" if a title hasn't been entered. 

C. Trash can icon - Delete a draft by clicking this icon.

D. Progress Report(s) - Access a progress report by clicking on the page icon in the last column of a previously awarded application OR by clicking the Progress Reports tab at the top.

For more Applicant FAQs, visit this folder of articles

Note: Administrators will access applications for processes they manage from their Manage tab.

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