Applications can be awarded individually or as a group. 

To award one application, click on its title from the Data Grid:

1. Click Award on the right side of the screen in the local navigation menu.

2. Select Yes or No for sending a notification.

3. Select an award amount

  • This field is required. If it is not applicable, put "0" and delete {award amount} from the notification.
  • If an amount is listed, it will not display in the email message box until after the notification is sent.
  • If multiple funding sources were identified on the opportunity's Details page, an award amount field for each source will show here. View this article for more information.

4. Select project dates (optional). Once entered, extensions can also be tracked in the system.

5. Add an account or reference number (optional). The field can be customized on your site. Contact if you would like it re-named.

6. If sending a notification, you can cc or bcc others and add a file attachment (if needed).

7. Check the box to include review feedback (if desired). You can edit any of the feedback or other content in the box before sending.

8. Review the language in the box and then click Send Award Email to complete the award process.

Admin view of award screen. Award button on right selected. Red circles with white numbers corresponding to numbers 1-4 above.

Email box of award message. Red circles with white numbers corresponding to numbers 5-6 above.

To award multiple applications at a time:

1. Select the applications from the Data Grid.

2. From the Batch Actions dropdown, select Award Applications.

3. Follow the prompts in the pop-up box to edit and send the notification (if needed).

Administrator view of Batch Actions dropdown with Award Applications selected.

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