Administrators can add one or more funding sources on the Details page of any opportunity made from the Funding template.

The image below highlights specific sections of this area. All are optional. To choose which are shown to applicants, leave the box checked next to the corresponding field(s).

Note: To return to the default options, select "Unspecified" for source and make sure Total Funding is $0.

1. Funding Source(s): Add an amount and select a funding source from the dropdown. Leave as Unspecified if you do not want to name the specific source.

2. Create Funding Source: Don't see your desired funding source in the list? Click the icon to add a funding source to your site. This source will then be available as an option for future opportunities.

3. Add Source: Click this button to add another funding amount and source (as in #1).

4. Total Funding: This field will automatically calculate based on the funding source amounts listed above.

5. Matching Funds: Select Yes if awardees may receive matching funds from sources not identified above.

6. Award Range: You may enter a minimum and maximum award per awardee or simply specify the maximum award. 

During the award process, administrators will be able to designate an award amount from each source (if applicable). For more information on that process, view this article.

Funding section of system. White numbers in red circles correspond to directions above. 1. Text entry field with $1,000 next to Dropdown fields showing "Brain Research Foundation" and then $500 text field entry next to dropdown "Office of the Vice President for Research". 2. Plus sign icon by three lines to add a funding source. 3. Add Source button directly below dropdown fields. 4. Total Funding field with $1,500, auto-calculated from entries above. 5. Will any funds be match with radio buttons "Yes" and "No". 6. Award Range with From: text field $100 to text field $500

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