To save valuable time when managing applications, customize email templates ahead of time in the Notifications section. The basic steps are listed below:

1. Select the email notification name. Notifications are organized by recipient and then in chronological order.

2. Customize the subject line (optional).

3. Customize the body of the email (optional).

Note: Fields in curly braces { } are mail merge fields that will pull information from the opportunity. If you accidentally delete one of these fields, insert it by clicking the Insert link next to the field name above the email body text box (outlined in red below).

4. Click Preview to see how the notification will look to the recipient.

5. Click Save Notification.

Repeat steps 1-3 for another email template. If editing notifications in a launched opportunity, make sure to click Save Edits on the right side of the page as well. Return to this area whenever needed.

For a detailed list of each notification, see this article.

View of editing email template from Notifications screen.

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