On the Finalize page, administrators initially have 4 options:

  • Save As Draft - Save current work to return later without launching. Return to the draft via the Manage tab.
  • Save As Template - Save as template to use in future opportunities. After saving as a template, you can also launch a specific instance.
  • Launch - Make the opportunity live immediately. Most edits can be made after launching.
  • Schedule Launch Date - Open the opportunity at a date and time in the future. This will prevent further edits from being made to the draft competition until it is launched.


  • If you are creating a Letter of Intent, the options are the same, but Letter of Intent language is used.
  • If you also use the InfoReady Engagement Hub, you will also customize the tile on this page.
  • For more information on the differences among drafts, templates, and launched opportunities, view this article.

Administrator View of Selections on Finalize Page

Finalize options in dropdown: Save as draft, save as template, launch, set launch date

After selecting the desired option, click Finish.

Finish button outlined in red

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