In the Notifications section of an opportunity, you can customize language sent to awardees that relate to Progress Report notifications ahead of time. You can return to this section at any time during the opportunity to modify the email templates. Most notifications you can also edit right before sending from the system, as indicated in the list below.

For a full list of all email templates, see this article: Notification Email Templates List

  • Rescind Award - Optional notification that can be edited before sending
  • Progress Report Assignment - Initial notification that alerts an awardee a Progress Report has been assigned. It can be edited before sending.
  • Progress Report Reminder - Optional additional notifications that can be edited during set up process 
  • Progress Report Submitted - Sent automatically when an awardee successfully submits a Progress Report
  • Progress Report Updated Deadline - Optional notification if Progress Report deadline changes that can be edited before sending

Notifications: Email templates dropdown with Awardee notifications.

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