External users will not be able to register and will encounter an error message if their email address has a domain that has not been added to the allowed domains list. InfoReady allows Super (or Global) Administrators to control access to the site. By default, only users with the domain of the institution will be allowed to create an account (user accounts are created automatically upon login if SSO has been enabled). Super (or Global) Administrators will need to add the email domain of the external user(s) in order to allow external users to register and access the site.

The system can also be configured to allow all external users (of any email domain) to register. This can be done by clicking the appropriate checkbox in the Email Domains section. If you expect external users using several different email domains, taking this action will allow you to provide access to all users without the need to individually add domains.

1. Click the Admin tab. (Note: The Admin tab is not available to regular Administrators.)

2. Click the Configure System button.

3. Go to the Email Domains section [first section].

4. Click the Add Domain button.

Image of the Administration tab, Configure System Section. Red circles with white numbers correspond to steps above.

5. Enter the email domain you want to allow into InfoReady. 

6. Click Save.

 A modal titled "Add Email Domain" appears in center of screen, with Save button inside.

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