One of the first things to determine when creating a process is a full timeline of dates and deadlines, often working backward from the advertised award date of the funding organization. 

InfoReady Review provides date and deadline fields on the Details page (first step) to help communicate the proposal timeline to applicants.

Funding Template

  • Dates Section Label"Dates" listed by default, but you can customize to your needs.
  • Internal Submission Deadline: Only required date field. This is the deadline for applications to be submitted, the "close" date. It can be edited any time, even after launching.
  • Remove From Homepage DateThe day/time the opportunity no longer shows on the homepage. It is filled out automatically when the Internal Submission Deadline is selected. However, the removal date can be changed to be a distinct date from the submission deadline.
    • Tip: If you make this a date in the past, you create a hidden process. Use this for invitation-only opportunities or for testing before accepting real applications.
  • Letter of Intent Deadline: Use for deadline of first phase of two-phase processes. This field is automatically populated in Phase 2 with the deadline from Phase 1 after converting from Phase 1 to Phase 2.
  • Funding Organization's Deadline: When internal awardees will need to submit full proposal to funding organization. Filling in a date here also activates an additional feature in the Data Grid.

Image of four date fields that correspond to descriptions above.

General Template

  • Internal Submission Deadline and Remove From Homepage Date only
  • Can add other dates as needed (see next section)

Dates Section Label: Dates. Internal Submission Deadline date field below. Remove From Homepage Date field below that.

Custom Dates or Deadlines

  • Can be added in either template
  • Add custom deadlines on the Details by clicking Add Field, then selecting Date as the Field Type, and adding your desired deadline label. This will add the custom deadline field on the Details page in the Dates section. From there, you can enter the deadline from the date picker (similar to the other deadline fields). 
  • Custom dates will be displayed to applicants after the Internal Submission Deadline (if shown) in chronological order with other dates.

Click the Add Field button to create a custom field providing additional information to Applicants. These fields will also appear in administrative reports. Note: Date fields display in the "Dates" section above. 1. Add Field button to right.

Field Type: Date (2). Field Label: Internal Award Decision Date (3). (4) Add button at bottom.

5. Internal Award Decision Date: 12/1/20 at 11:59PM

Collecting Dates from Applicants

Administrators can also add date fields to the Requirements page (application form) to gather other dates or deadlines from applicants, such as estimated project start and end times:

Applicant view of date field. Calendar pop up with February 15th selected.

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