The routing step type Comments and Ratings Combination is the most popular routing step. It includes multiple comment boxes, each with a customizable rating scale. The number before the listing corresponds to the number of criteria:

  • 4 Comments and Ratings = 4 comment boxes, each with its own scale below
  • 12 Comments and Ratings = 12 comment boxes, each with its own scale below

Note: Both comments and ratings will be required for reviewers to complete. If you are interested in making optional comments or rating for reviewers, read this article.

Every piece of each comment box and rating scale can be customized:

  • Edit Label - What question are you asking reviewers? (255 character limit)
  • Edit Instructions - Give clarification on what to evaluate or the scale definitions. (2048 character limit)
  • Edit Rating Range - Make the range as large or as small as you need. You can also invert the scale to make 1 the highest rating.

Administrator view of routing steps set up box

Sample: Reviewer View of 1 Comments & Ratings Form

  • 1-5 scale
  • 1 is low (weak), 5 is high (strong)

Methodology with comment box and 1-5 scale.

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