The third step in creating involves setting up Routing Steps (RS). This section is where administrators:

  • Order the workflow for the review process
  • Build the form(s) reviewers fill out
  • Design the reviewer experience

RS are NOT:

  • NOT where you assign reviewers
    • This comes later when managing the process, after applications are accepted for review.
    • Note: An exception to this is when default reviewers are used, which are usually those who review all applications in a certain routing step. For more information, view this article.
  • NOT necessary for launching
    • If you want to start collecting apps right away, you can launch and add RS later (by returning to Edit mode from the Manage tab).

How many RS do you need?

  • How many rounds of reviews will the opportunity require?
  • Multiple reviewers can be assigned to a routing step. You do not need to have a separate routing step for each reviewer.
  • Multiple review criteria do not require multiple RS. You can include up to 20 criteria within one RS, each with its own rating scale and comment box.
  • Administrators always have access to all routing steps, so they do not need their own.
    • E.g., If the first “step” you need is an Admin verifying correct application contents, this can be done with the Accept or Return actions within the Manage view and should not be a routing step.

For more information on Routing Steps, visit:

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