If you choose to use the Participating Organization Hierarchy, you be able to collect valuable metadata over time. Below are six common ways to use this list.

1. Advertising

  • Administrators can select from a pre-defined Participating Organizations list on the Details page to target specific groups (see #1 in the image below).

2. Restricting Submissions

  • Administrators can limit Applicants from applying if the Applicant is not part of that organization:

1. Add Organization(s) button. 2. Check box next to statement "Only Applicants belonging to this organization may apply"

3. User Profile

4. Requirements

  • Administrators can include this question on the application form:

            Funding (Standard) Template

List of template questions, each with 3 boxes to the left. Primary Organization(s) is highlighted in red outlined box, with Form Type "Multiple Choice"

            General Template

Primary Organization(s) as blue linked text, with plus sign far to the right.

5. Department-Driven Routing Steps (Gold/Platinum feature)

  • Maps designated reviewers to different levels in the organization (e.g., Department Chairs)
  • Automatically assign specific reviewers to a routing step based on the applicant’s department.

6. Sorting the Data Grid

  • Include Primary Organization on the application form (Requirements). 
  • Then sort by organization to quickly group similar applications and take action using the Batch Actions menu.
  • Select Filter Organizations to pick entries from your list:

Enhanced Application Grid. Column in table labeled Primary Org is highlighted in red outlined box.

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