The Post Award tab of the Data Grid displays information about awarded applications and progress reports.

Note: The screen shot below was taken after customizing columns and switching to expanded screen mode.

Administrator view of Post Award tab of Enhanced Application Grid

- Click progress report title to return to edit mode for that report.

- Use this menu to add a note/file, assign progress reports, or download application packets as PDFs in batches.

- Click application title to view the contents of a specific application.

- Click applicant's name to view their profile.

- Click progress report title to view the progress report page for that specific awardee.

- Progress Report Statuses

  • Not Yet Scheduled - Progress report assignment has not been scheduled
  • Assignment Scheduled - Assignment has been scheduled but is in future (not yet sent)
  • Not Started - Progress report has been assigned but not started by Awardee
  • In Progress - Progress report has data entered but not yet complete (saved as draft)
  • Due Soon - In progress, but due date is less than a month away. Hovering displays how many days until due date.
  • Overdue - Due date has passed
  • Submitted - Progress report has been submitted
  • Skipped - Specific progress report was skipped by an administrator

- Progress report deadline

- Last Report Reminder Sent: Displays date last reminder was sent.

- Next Report Reminder: Displays date next reminder will be sent.

J - Download Excel reports

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