- Text-only area with rich formatting options (applicants do not enter responses)
- Does not show in Data Grid, PDFs, or Excel reports
- Use for longer or more detailed instructions between questions/sections.

Default Admin View

Admin view of paragraph field

Settings Panel Sections


    A. Field reference - Unique identifier in the InfoReady database that does not show to applicants.

    B. Hide from reviewers (optional) - Check to hide the text from reviewers.

    C. Hide from applicants (optional) - Check to hide the text from applicants.

    D. Field label - Heading for the instructions/text

    E. Paragraph text

  • Use the formatting tools to add styling, bulleted or numbered lists, links, etc. 
  • For a full description of tools, see: Text Box Formatting Options
  • If you include links, it is expecially important to select them to open in a new window so users are not directed away from InfoReady during the application process. Learn more.

Admin view of General panel

Admin view of customized paragraph text


Admin view of logic panel


    F. Display field on a new line - Uncheck to put question directly next to the one before it on the screen.

Admin view of Layout area of Paragraph field

Example Customized Applicant View

  • From the Preview tab, here is how the question built above would look to applicants.
  • Click directly in the label or instructions fields to edit that text. 
  • Switch back to the Designer tab to make any edits to logic or layout.

Applicant view of paragraph instructions

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