If your reviewers will need to rank applications, here are a few options for how to set up routing steps:
  • Option 1: If the reviewer(s) in a step will be looking at all the applications, wait to build this step until all apps are submitted. Then, use a Comments & Ratings step type, and edit the scale to be the number of applications (e.g. if 25 applications, make it 1-25). If 1 is high, make sure to invert the scale by checking the box in the pop up to make 1 the highest number. Then instruct your reviewers to select the number that they would rank each application.
  • Option 2: If different reviewers are looking at different numbers of applications, use the Build my own Form routing step type, and include a Number field type so the reviewer can input their "ranking" as a number. Make sure to include detailed instructions.
  • Option 3: If the "ranking" will take place in an in-person meeting, or if the individual reviewers won't be going into InfoReady, you could use the Committee Ranking Step. This would involve a default reviewer (often the opportunity administrator) assigned to the applications under consideration entering the committee's consensus decision for each application (ranking and related comments). The scale would be filled in automatically based on the number of applications assigned to the step.
Keep in mind, none of these options prevent a reviewer from selecting the same number twice (e.g., marking two applications as "3"), making precise reviewer instructions very important. If you use the Comments and Ratings routing step type (Scenario 1 above), the Total Application Scores by Reviewer report would help you quickly crosscheck that no reviewer put the same ranking twice.

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