The Funding template includes a layout specific to opportunities like limited submissions, grants, and other award processes. It is available for all licenses:

  • Silver and Bronze - Only available template by default, also known as the Standard template 
  • Gold and Platinum - One of 3 standard InfoReady templates (in addition to General and Bulletin Board)

The Details and Requirements pages on this template include particular fields and structure, listed below. All other steps (Routing Steps, Notifications, and Progress Reports) are the same.

Details (all optional)

  • Ability to create Letter of Intent (2-phase) processes
  • Discipline/Subject Area (Please be aware this field has a 250-character maximum)
  • Funding Available
  • Letter of Intent Deadline
  • Funding Organization's Deadline
  • Funding Organization


  • Application fields in two sections: Applicant and Proposal
  • Each section has default fields listed as optional, but they can be required or excluded (e.g., Applicant Degree(s), Primary Appointment Title).
  • Any questions added need to be placed in one of these two sections.

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