InfoReady Release 3.43 was deployed in the early morning hours of November 1, 2021.

Are you a current InfoReady user? You may want to also see our Summary of Grid Changes comparison chart related to the changes list below.

Updated User Guides: This release included significant changes for administrators. If you include user guides as resources on your InfoReady homepage or share them regularly, make sure you have the most updated versions. Download them here.

In this release, the administrator experience takes centerstage. We undertook efforts to simplify how administrators manage competitions from start to finish, while introducing new features to help them view, assimilate, and share information more quickly and easily. Here are some of the major highlights! 
  • A new Data Grid replaces both the Original and Enhanced Application Grid, complete with default and custom views that allow administrators to tailor the Data Grid to their needs across each phase of a competition.  

  • New dashboards provide high-level information at-a-glance about the statuses of applications, reviews, awards, and progress reports. 

  • We’ve simplified how administrators perform batch actions. We’ve also added a few new ones, including skipping routing steps, adding a note to multiple applications, sending the Review Digest email, and… 

  • Downloading PDFs of selected applications. Administrators may download applications either in single PDF or as separate PDFs in a Zip file. Before download, administrators may configure which application files, reviews, and progress reports contents to include.  

Read on to learn more! 

Features and Enhancements 

Data Grid – The biggest difference administrators will see right away is that there are no more “Details”, “Original Application Grid”, and “Enhanced Application Grid” buttons in the right-side navigation when managing a competition. Each of these pages has been replaced with a new single “Manage” page. The new Data Grid is integrated into the Manage page for each competition. “Edit” has been added to the right-navigation. 

Competition Details – On this new Manage page, administrators will first see the competition details they are used to seeing on the old Details page. There are some new additions here: 

  • Viewers – This section allows administrators to provide read only access to the Data Grid for specific users. More on this feature below. 

  • Review Digest – By default, the Review Digest Email for a competition is scheduled to go out to all reviewers with incomplete reviews every Monday and Thursday. Customers may also have customized schedules. We’ve added a reminder here as to when the next email is scheduled to be sent out and provided administrators quick access to send the email outside of the regular schedule.  

Expand Screen – By toggling this feature on, administrators will see the Data Grid span their entire browser window, making it easier to view information and add additional fields while working within the Data Grid.  

Views of the Data Grid – Administrators may select among a few different views for the Data Grid by selecting the “Grid View” dropdown.  

  • Full View – Those who are accustomed to the Enhanced Application Grid may prefer the “Full View”. The Full View is the default view on all tabs. 

  • Simple View – Administrators who routinely use the Original Application Grid may choose the “Simple View”.

  • Creating a Custom View – In the Data Grid, columns on any tab may be re-ordered by clicking and dragging a column to the desired location. Additional columns that are not part of either the Simple or Full Views may be added via the “Columns” dropdown. Administrators may simply select (or deselect) which columns they would like to have included in the Data Grid. By selecting “Save Current Grid View” on any tab, Administrators may save a “Custom View” that will be available anytime they return to the Data Grid. Once saved, the view is available as “Custom View” in the Grid View dropdown, and will be available to any co-administrator or viewer of the Data Grid for a competition.

  • Setting the Default View – Within the Grid View dropdown, administrators will notice a black star icon next to one of the available views and a star outline icon next to other views. The black star indicates the default view for a tab. Administrators may change the default view for any tab by clicking the star outline icon next to another view.  

Batch Actions 

  • Simplified Process – In the Enhanced Application Grid, administrators first had to select a batch action, select applications, and then run the batch action by clicking the “Continue” button. With the Data Grid, administrators may simply select applications and select a batch action from the “Batch Actions” dropdown to run. 

  • New Batch Actions – There are a few! Prior to this release, the following actions could only be taken from within an individual application. They can now be run on multiple applications at once via the Batch Actions dropdown. 

    • Skip Routing Step – Administrators may now skip a routing step for multiple applications at once.  

    • Add a Note – A single note (with or without files) can now be added to multiple applications all at once. 

    • Send Review Digest Email – Previously, the Digest Email could be sent to individual reviewers from within an application or to all reviewers for a competition. Now, administrators may send the email to specific reviewers or for specific applications using this batch action.

  • Improved Download PDF Batch Action – It used to be all or nothing when it came to what was included in PDFs of applications. Administrators may now configure which application files, reviews, and progress reports are included in applications. In addition, they may choose to download all applications as a single PDF or as multiple PDFs within a Zip file.  

Overview Dashboards – The Original and Enhanced Application Grids provided some overview for each phase of the application lifecycle. These text-heavy overviews have been replaced with simple visual and interactive charts. 

Enhanced Searching and Filtering – Several new search and filtering options now make it much easier to find specific information. As before, there is a global search that searches for matching information across columns. Searches may be refined further by using the search and/or dropdown filters available at the top of columns. The Primary Organization column can be filtered by levels within the organization. All searches and filtering are cleared easily by clicking “Clear All Search Fields & Filters” under the global search bar.
Note: When using a column search or filter, administrators must click the search icon (magnifying glass), click outside the search box or dropdown menu, or press Return/Enter on their keyboard to initiate the search/filter 

Improved Review Tab – Each review step for an application is now represented within a single row. Administrators may now use any number of search/filter criteria to view and organize actions for reviews. This includes viewing all reviews assigned to specific reviewers. 

Data Grid Viewers 

  • Adding a Viewer– Administrators may now give view only access to the Data Grid to individuals who’d like to stay informed about a competition as it progresses. Administrators may add any existing user as a viewer of the Data Grid for any competition by expanding the “Viewers” section above the Data Grid and typing the name or email address of a user and clicking “Add”. Once added, the new viewer will receive an email with a link to view the Data Grid. Viewers may click the link, log in, and view the Data Grid. 
    Note: If a user loses the link or email, any administrator with access to the competition can go to the Manage view, copy the URL in their browser's address bar, and send the URL to the Viewer. As long as the Viewer is logged in, they will see that competition's Data Grid.
  • Viewer Access – Once logged in via their link, viewers will be able to see the competition details, view dashboards, and view data in the Data Grid. The links administrators see to applications, reviews, etc. will not be available to the viewers. However, viewers will be able to sort, search, and filter the grid, add available columns to their view, and use Expand Screen mode. The Download Selected PDF batch action is available to viewers, as is the ability to download all reports.  

  • Comments to Administrator – By default, new viewers will be added without the ability to view applicant or reviewer Comments to the Administrator. Administrators may allow different viewers to have access to these comments in PDFs or reports.   

Bug Fixes - As always, this release includes various bug fixes to optimize your InfoReady experience. 

That covers this release. We hope you enjoy it. We’re looking forward to your feedback! Please reach out to us at with any questions or comments.

NOTE: Please clear your browser cache if you experience unexpected behavior while using your InfoReady site after a release.