Open the decision tree attached at the bottom of the page to help guide you through selecting the correct InfoReady template for your process. 

The additional content below explains more about how to approach the creation process.

You can approach the creation process in three different ways:

1. Template - Create a standard structure for a process that you will re-use to create similar processes in the future.

Examples could include:

  • "Main" template that should be the starting point for all opportunities in the site
  • "Pivot push" template that will be selected when opportunities are found in Pivot and launched in InfoReady
  • "Internal Funding" template used for all opportunities of that type

2. Specific Opportunity - Create a specific grant, award, form, workflow, etc. You can then copy past opportunities to make new ones in the future. 

Examples could include:

  • ABC Student Scholarship - 2022
  • Seed Grant XYZ - Fall Cycle
  • Sabbatical Approval 2022-2023

3. Borrow Something Someone Else Created - One beneficial aspect of using InfoReady is that you don't necessarily need to "start from scratch" or "recreate the wheel". There are features in InfoReady that allow you to skip the process of creating your own opportunity or template. 

Examples could include:

  • Asking another administrator to share their template with you. The admin could be at your institution or even at another institution that uses InfoReady.
  • Copying a past opportunity launched by a different admin at your institution. The option to copy is only available if ownership if a past opportunity has been transferred to you, you've been made a co-admin, or you are a super admin or global admin.

With the first two scenarios, the first time you need to create, you will select from default the InfoReady templates. Over time, you can then select from your saved templates, share templates with others, or copy as needed.

Depending on your license, you may have access to one or more of the templates below from the template selection screen:

Note: The templates listed on the attached flowchart below are part of the Gold and Platinum Levels of Service.
If you are interested in additional templates that do not currently appear in your site, contact your account manager or

The chart below may also help you determine which template is appropriate to use, based on needed functionality for other parts of your process.

Template NameAdvanced Funding ModuleHub integrationPivot integration#apps per applicantBuild my own FormProgress ReportsPrimary OrgLOI
Letter of IntentYesYesYesanyYesn/aYesNo
Funding (Multitrack)YesNoNoonly 1YesYesYesNo
General (Multitrack)NoNoNoonly 1YesYesYesNo

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