The second step in creating is building the form that applicants will fill out on the Requirements page. In addition to basic things like contact information, you should include requirements that will help reviewers evaluate the application during the review process. Below is a brief description of each field on this page with links to related articles. 


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  • Depending on whether you select the Funding (Standard) or General template, this page will look slightly different. Only those fields marked with an asterisk (*) in the system are required, all others are optional.

Requirements Build a bulk of the application using a variety of question field types. Make them required or optional, and drag and drop to re-order. Add Notes to Applicant to clarify how each should be filled out.

Uploading Supporting Documentation - Require any number of file uploads. Make each required or optional, and include specific instructions for content and file type. The files become a part of the application packet when downloaded as a pdf by reviewers and administrators.

Applicant-Driven Routing Steps - Require applicants to list one or more pre-approver email addresses for their application. The individuals will automatically be assigned as reviewers when the application is submitted.

Co-Applicants - Collect data on other contributors to the application.

Reference Letters - Select the number of letters and make them required or optional. Applicants will enter the email address of the letter writer(s). Each will receive a direct, link to attach their letter to the application (no login or account creation required).

Application Keywords - Allows applicants to tag their applications with pre-defined keywords. Make this section required or optional.

Applicant Acknowledgement - Acts as a digital signature. Provide a conflict of interest statement, honor code, or terms and conditions for the award process.

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