The main landing page for InfoReady Review is called the Home page. Even *before logging in, users can browse open opportunities from this page. The main sections of this page are:

1. Upper Right - Log in, register, or hover over Help to access support resources.

2. Microsites - If microsites are enabled, users can browse opportunities by microsite.

3. Support Documents - Site administrators can upload any documents they'd like in this section.

4. Opportunities Table - Search, sort, and/or filter the table to find opportunities. Click on a title to view details and begin an application (if applicable). You can also right click and open the link in a new tab to be able to quickly return to the sorted table.

*Note: If your site is set to require all users to log in via Single Sign-On (SSO), the Homepage will only be visible to logged in users.

Homepage example. 1. Log in, Register, and Help links in upper right corner. 2. Homepage dropdown menu with Honors College and Office of the Dean. 3. Support Documents in right column, with links to specific files below. 4. Chart near bottom of page with columns: Title, Due Date, Organizer, Category, Award Cycle

Once a user is logged in, they will see additional tabs, based on their user role:

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