Welcome to InfoReady!

This training program was developed specifically with new administrators in mind. There are 11 modules total, with some broken down into sub-modules (e.g., 2A, 2B).

Each module contains:

  • Estimated completion time - Will vary by individual but is the recommended total time you spend on the module
  • Learning outcomes - To guide your training experience toward key concepts
  • Articles (to read) - For reading/writing and visual learners
  • Videos (to watch) - For auditory learners
  • Put into Practice Exercise (to do) - For kinesthetic learners and those that want to test their knowledge

Choose your path based on the chart below or navigate to a specific module from the hyperlinked list toward the bottom of this page. At the very end, you'll find a downloadable PDF modules checklist if you prefer to print the list to track your progress. To work through all modules in order, click the link at the bottom of the page to start Module 1.

Choose Your Path

The chart below lists suggested modules, based on three factors: 

  • Admin Role
  • License Level
  • Frequency of Use – How often do you expect to use InfoReady?

Not sure of your role or license level? Just ask!

License LevelAdmin RoleFrequency of UseSuggested ModulesEstimated Time*
All/AnyRegularOccasionally1, 3A, 4, 5, 62-3 hours
Platinum/GoldGlobalRegularly1-113-5 hours
Platinum/GoldSuperRegularly1-113-4 hours
Platinum/GoldRegularRegularly1-8, 10-112-3 hours
SilverSuperRegularly1-7, 93-4 hours
SilverRegularRegularly1-72-4 hours
1-72-3 hours

* Modules are broken down into smaller time segments no longer than 60 minutes each. You do not have to complete all the suggested modules in order to launch or manage an opportunity. The times listed here are based on an administrator of the given level and frequency of use working through core InfoReady functionality.

Modules List

1: First Things First

2: End User Experience

5: Managing Applications

3: Creating Opportunities

6: Reporting 

7: Letter of Intent (LOI) Opportunities 

8: Multitrack Opportunities 

9: Site Set Up (Super and/or Global Admins) 

10: Making the Most of InfoReady 

4: Managing Opportunities

11: Form Designer Template

Click here to Begin Module 1- First Things First

Want to print the modules list? Download the attachment below.